27 December 2015

Larger calibre hunting rifle acquisition project

This is a long term project.

or new:

or the incoming model new:

and of course, the one that's been on my bucket list since 2010:

20 December 2015

Finance films

Must see The Big Short. Reminder: Must also see Margin Call.

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09 December 2015

How insurgencies fail

Instead of sticking to the hit-and-run tactics that it had used to successfully torment the Nigerian military for years, Boko Haram began to seize and hold territory, boldly declaring an Islamic “caliphate” in the areas it had conquered. This stretched the group’s resources too thin and forced it into a conventional war with the Nigerian military that it could not win. Boko Haram also shed its domestic focus, launching cross-border raids into neighboring Cameroon, Chad, and Niger, all of which eventually joined a five-nation military coalition against it (along with Benin and Nigeria).