28 January 2014

The big ideas of 2014

The 12 issues that will define 2014 according to Prospect magazine:

The politics of resentment will be a powerful, destabilising force in 2014
The global economy might have been in trouble long before 2008
US negotiations are stirring up tensions between two clusters of allies
When central banks stop pumping money into the world’s economies, there’s no telling how markets will react
As more countries wield more power, bilateral deals and pacts between allies will become the norm
It’s not the size of the economy that counts, it’s what you do with it
Cities, rather than nation states, are proving increasingly adept at meeting the challenges of the 21st century
Genetic testing will make treating illnesses cheaper and more efficient
Public concern about government surveillance will make users and regulators wary of remote data storage
Online media brands have changed the way we consume and produce journalism, and that’s no bad thing
Disruptive marketplaces like Airbnb are shifting power away from hierarchies and towards networks of individuals
Temporary venues have altered urban lifestyles forever
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