21 October 2008

John Robb & the Global Guerrilla Thesis


16 October 2008

Hijacking is Dead

September 11 - particularly the example of the passengers of the fourth plane - has oddly enough ended hijacking as a weapon.

No passenger now believes he can survive a hijacking by remaining passive.

Recent example: http://www.smh.com.au/news/travel/

11 October 2008

Burma - New US Drugs War

The Shan State Army no longer smuggles drugs. It now works for Thailand in stamping them out, including taking on the Myanmar Army, which is up to its neck in the trade.


04 October 2008

Anthony Giddens, Baron Giddens

Giddens, the author of over 34 books and 200 articles, essays and reviews has contributed and written about most notable developments in the area of social sciences, with the exception of research design and methods. He has written commentaries on most leading schools and figures and has used most sociological paradigms in both micro and macrosociology. His writings range from abstract, metatheoretical problems to very direct and 'down-to-earth' textbooks for students. Finally, he is also known for his interdisciplinary approach: he has commented not only on the developments in sociology, but also in anthropology, psychology, philosophy, history, linguistics, economics, social work and most recently, political science. In view of his knowledge and works, one may view much of his life's work as a form of 'grand synthesis' of sociological theory.