29 June 2013

US-EU FTA deal massive threat to Australia

According to this analysis, Australia's "long term change in per capita income" will be a whopping -7.4%.

Scary scenario.

Time to focus on trade with Europe?

H/T: This letter to the Lowy Interpreter

PS: This just in...
Spy row threatens EU, US trade deal

The biggest bilateral trade deal in history is at stake as controversy over whether Washington has spied on its European allies continues.
Fingers crossed... there's probably too much at stake to let it be derailed by what everyone knows goes on anyway, but you never know your luck...

Treehouse heaven

Cool treehouse hospitality company called Finca Bellavista has various treehouses for rent.

We wants it.

28 June 2013

Dingoes: the ultimate housepet

These beautiful creatures may not be out to get your baby after all.

Article & photos: SMH

Hat-tip: Toutie Weekly

Australia on the brink?

“Australia is a leveraged time bomb waiting to blow,” says Albert Edwards, Societe Generale's London-based global strategist. “It is not just a CDO, but a CDO squared. All we have in Australia is, at its simplest, a credit bubble built upon a commodity boom dependent for its sustenance on an even greater credit bubble in China.”

The answer?
Opportunities for transitioning back to a non-mining economy abound. Boosting funding for research and development will create high-paying jobs in technology, science and education. Australia boasts great exporting potential in agriculture, medical supplies and high-end machinery.