14 March 2015

No sharia = no peace

Look at the picture. Look at the sign.

We have traditionally not understood that this means exactly what it says.

Vertical City Farming

Check out this awesome piece of architectural thinking - with the future in mind:

TPP: What's in it for Australia?

Still trying to get a handle on the notoriously secretive TPP. The whole thing is huge and indigestible, but here's a manageable takeaway:

An Australian National University study of the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement found there was very little in it for Australia. A recent US department of agriculture study found it would deliver a zero economic benefit to Australia and a zero economic benefit to the United States. For smaller nations the economic benefits are bigger which may explain why they are eager to join and why the US is driving a hard bargain on intellectual property and the rights of its pharmaceutical industry.

Productivity and Australia's future

From the national treasure Ross Gittins:

...what drives productivity? If you rely on the things economists say in public, you could be forgiven for not knowing that overwhelmingly – and for the past 200 years – it's technological advance. [bolding added]
So... what excuse is there for not funding school science and R&D to the hilt?