30 March 2011

The Sources of Chinese Conduct

...thinkers such as Mencius, Confucius’s leading intellectual heir, argued that humane authorities should punish immoral rulers in other states who tyrannize their people. Rulers who rely mostly on military or economic might divorced from morality, he argued, cannot achieve long-term success on the international stage.

The Sources of Chinese Conduct
Yan Xuetong

23 March 2011

I agree with Islamists

I totally agree with Islamists, Salafists, whatever you want to call them:

Islam and democracy cannot co-exist.

01 March 2011

Adam Smith on the GFC

Though the principles of the banking trade may appear somewhat abstruse, the practice is capable of being reduced to strict rules. To depart upon any occasion from these rules, in consequence of some flattering speculation of extraordinary gain, is almost always extremely dangerous, and frequently fatal to the banking company which attempts it.

Book V, Chapter I, Part III, pg.820