13 March 2010

Too few deciphering the Chinese puzzle

There is not a single Australia-based scholar with up-to-the minute knowledge on either Chinese elite politics or macro-economics.


Congratulations to John Garnaut for this disturbing wake-up call.

Australia is never going to have the military muscle that we would like, that we need, and that we probably imagine we actually have.

The solution has to be found elsewhere. That solution will probably involve something like focusing on becoming a foreign aid, diplomatic, academic and intelligence power.

PS: Thanks to The Interpreter for the tip-off.


05 March 2010

Carpet stains


02 March 2010

10 innovations that will reshape business

1. Blue-sky computing
2. Work longer, work older
3. Information does have a value
4. Greed isn’t as good as we thought
5. Energy sources get smarter
6. Generation Xers come into their own
7. Gain from the pain of failure
8. Do more with less
9. Jump on the hedge
10. Deliver us from shopping