29 April 2009

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19 April 2009

The Gamble

The Gamble: General David Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2006-2008



Conversations with History: Luttwak the Prequel

Luttwak in a Conversation with History many years ago, just as he published 'Strategy'.


18 April 2009

You never think of this sort of thing

During World War II, Allied powers were cut off from their supply of quinine when the Germans conquered Holland and the Japanese controlled the Philippines and Indonesia. The United States, however, had managed to obtain four million cinchona seeds from the Philippines and begin operation of cinchona plantations in Costa Rica. It had come too late, however, and an estimated 60,000 US troops in Africa and the South Pacific died as a result of the lack of quinine.

The Art of Battle

Blow-by-blow accounts of battles.


13 April 2009

History of Modern Israel


12 April 2009

PLA's ambitions an enigma to the West

And as China gets richer, it is inevitably expecting and obtaining significantly higher funding.

But what for? This is the key question that concerns other military forces and governments around the region, including in Canberra, who are not convinced that the information published by the Chinese authorities provides anything like an accurate picture of the true extent of the country's military capabilities.

This implies, by extension, a concern that the PLA is also concealing its full ambitions.


06 April 2009

Conversations With History: China and the United States

On China:

Conversations With History: China and the United States

05 April 2009

Quote of the Day

Accept everything about yourself - I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end — no apologies, no regrets.

- misattributed to Henry Kissinger

Lions for Lambs


04 April 2009

Kill Bin Laden

I'm sure Davis has already identified this, but here we go:


02 April 2009

Outliers: The Story of Success


01 April 2009