30 December 2007

List of Things One Needs to Own

Contrary to the implicit assumptions of both Capitalism and Communism is that material possessions improve life.

While this is true to an extent, there is a point at which "possessions" turn into clutter.

I propose that life can be improved by eliminating as much stuff as possible. One should ideally limit one's possessions to an amount that can be carried with one on a train, although perhaps a carload is more achievable.

Here is the list:

Clothes for 2 weeks:

1 pair of riders
1 pair of joggers
1 pair of sandals

Smart casuals (for a casual workplace and social occasions):

10 neat casual shirts
3 pairs of neat casual trousers
1 cool jacket

2 suits
5 business shirts
5 singlets
5 ties
1 pair of cufflinks


5 t-shirts
2 pairs of shorts
2 pairs of board shorts
1 beach towel


15 pairs of underpants
10 pairs of black socks
4 pairs of white socks
2 bath towels

1 laptop
1 mobile phone
1 mobile phone recharger
1 mobile phone recharger (car)
1 power cord
1 power board
1 external harddrive

Pencil case:
1 good pen
2 biros
1 red biro
1 pencil
1 notebook

Dilly Bag:
1 toothbrush
1 tube of toothpaste
1 razor
Spare razor blades
1 facewasher
1 thing of roll-on deodorant
1 set of hairclippers
1 set of nailclippers

1 fan
1 wastepaper basket
1 laundry basket
1 goodies kit
1 pair sunglasses
1 wallet
1 keyring
1 file
1 small esky
1 digital camera
1 umbrella
1 flyswat
Shoe polish kit
1 bedside lamp