29 November 2012

Australia's debt problem - not what you think?

From the indefatigable Steve Keen:
If you were told the following graph showed two indicators of Australia’s economic health, and one of them had to be addressed urgently, which one would you expect politicians and economists to try to bring under control first?
If you picked the blue line, you’ve obviously not a politician. The blue is the ratio of private debt to GDP in Australia; the red line is the ratio of government debt to GDP (debt to the banking sector only; both series come from RBA table D02). The red line is the one that both sides of politics in Canberra are obsessed about; the blue one they both ignore.

27 November 2012

Entrepreneurs in Australia by country of birth

H/t: The Interpreter

19 November 2012

Breaching gear

For the man who has everything, we have the Breaching System brought to you by Sweden Entry Tools.

When you absolutely, positively have to get in the door.

You can even get your own Training Door to practice "opening security doors, with maximum stealth and speed whilst minimizing exposure".

H/t: 5.11 Tactical.


Uncuff links

I want a pair of these cuff links that open handcuffs:

For more, see here.

Note that the price is very reasonable - about what I paid for my cufflinks.