12 February 2014

The Six Wars China Must Fight in the Coming 50 Years

An article Revealing the Six Wars China Must Fight in the Coming 50 Years was published recently by China's second official newsagency Zhongguo Xinwenshe. An English translation of the article can be found here. According to The Strategist, the blog of the Australian defence think tank ASPI, "...that an article of this nature was carried by a PRC national news agency suggests that it was approved at a very high level."

The 6 wars are:
  1.  The war to unify Taiwan (2020–2025)
  2. The war to recover the various islands of the South China Sea (2025–2030)
  3. The war to recover southern Tibet (2035–2040)
  4. The war to recover Diaoyutai and the Ryukyus (2040–2045)
  5. The war to unify Outer Mongolia (2045–2050)
  6. The war to recover the territory seized by Russia (2055–2060)
Or, if you prefer a picture:


You don't need me to tell you that this is insane, and reminiscent of Japan in the 30s. All this talk is likely to end in the deaths of millions of nice young people who otherwise had bright futures ahead of them.