12 October 2016

Sales Lesson: Tile

Having recently lost my phone and wallet in quick succession, I decided it was time to stop being cheap and just get some Tiles or TrackRs. Of course I then had to procrastinate over the decision of which one. Then I saw a Tile ad on Facebook and clicked.

Well done Tile!

It took me to a nice clean website. I clicked on the 'How it Works' video. It seems great but what if it's my phone that is lost - no problem, click on any of your other tiles. I was sold!

Well done Tile!

I clicked on 'Buy'.

Well done Tile!

Do you want to pay more for this and that and the other thing? Now I have to think about it. I am in the sales page with my credit card in my hand and now I have to click back and search around to find out what 'slim' is etc. etc.

Stop being greedy with your price differntiation and just sell the thing.

Tile still might make a sale, but talk about shooting yourself in the foot.


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