26 September 2016


So what the hell is the Schrankhut?

The word I know - "der Schrank" - means "cupboard".

Looking it up on Wiktionary, it turns out that the original meaning meant "barrier" or "limit" - not sure which one came first, and hence "entanglement". From this came "enclosed space" and hence "cupboard".
von spätmittelhochdeutsch schrank (= abgeschlossener Raum oder (vergittertes) Gestell), von mittelhochdeutsch schranc, das von althochdeutsch scranc (= Verschränkung, Verflechtung); zu schränken“[1] Das Wort ist seit dem 9. Jahrhundert belegt 
Google translation:
schranc of late Middle High German cabinet (= enclosed space or (barred) frame), from Middle High German, which of [Old High German - PH] scranc (= entanglement, entanglement); to limit "[1] The word is occupied [attested - PH] since the 9th century
So a Schrankhut would be a barrier guard or limiting guard or restraining guard.

Or I could just watch the video.


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