24 September 2016

The assassination of Ali Jammas

A few thoughts on what I assume was one in a series of a gangland shootings in SW Sydney over the last few years.

1. Interesting the amount of CCTV footageAbbotsbury, which I had never heard of, is apparently the posh 'part' of Fairfield (really it's miles away on the other side of Cowpasture Road). Fairfield along with its neighbour Cabramatta is one of the most welfare-dependent suburbs in Australia.

2. Why would you borrow your mate's car to conduct an assassination instead of e.g. stealing one? He must be rather upset. And why would you use a Subaru WRX in a murder?

...Mr Barakat was captured on CCTV footage collecting a Subaru WRX from his friend David Younes' house on Wednesday, July 10 – two days before Mr Jammas' murder. 
...Mr Barakat was captured on CCTV footage returning the car to Wycombe Road, Yagoona, about half an hour after the murder.
What a coincidence!

3. Assassinating someone on bin night is a great idea.

4. Given especially that the victim was presumably oblivious (maybe not after the 1st shot!), why did 2 of the 6 shots miss? Pathetic.

What security footage did not capture was the moment six bullets were fired at Mr Jammas. 

The NSW Supreme Court has heard four of the bullets struck him and he dropped his phone on the morning of July 12, 2013.

5. The assassins were lucky - he died of his wounds shortly afterwards. Why not put in a coup de grace and make sure of it?

He crawled back into his house but died a short time later.


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