16 September 2016

Importance of sword design

This is an important review because it dramatically reveals the importance of design, driven of course by purpose. While we are told it is designed for thrusting, this sword looks to me (and presumably to you) like any other mediaeval sword. When however you see the testing, unlike every other fun cutting video you have ever seen, it has difficulty cutting (not that I'd like someone to attempt a cut on me with it) but it absolutely slaughters thrusts.

A larger point one could make by the way is the skill of ancient swordsmiths - they were able to make really good swords with specific characteristics. Indeed, I consistently hear that while modern swords are made of better materials, originals often seem to behave much better - being more lively or quick or nimble etc.

A final point - to me it seems test cutting is the most fun part of HEMA - so while this is a great sword, if you only ever get one sword, don't make it this one.


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