31 March 2012

What has Israel got over America?

Apologies to the speaker who inspired this idea in me - I've forgotten who you were.

Obama faces an election at the end of this year. A weak economy could see him lose, especially now that it looks like a moderate is about to be nominated by the Republican Party. America is going through a slow, 'fragile and reversible' economic recovery. The thing that could upset this recovery and tip America into depression is an increase in the price of oil. What could drastically increase the price of oil is Iran blocking off the Straits of Hormuz, even though they can only do this temporarily. What could cause Iran to do this is an attack by Israel in Iran. Thus America - Obama - must keep Israel from attacking Iran until at least the first Tuesday in November and must provide Israel with credible promises and assurances for the period of time postceding that date.


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