29 March 2012

Can quolls be kept as pets?

Two of the six extant species of quoll are relevant to us in South Eastern Australia: the tiger quoll and the eastern quoll.

The tiger quoll is big and able to defend itself against cats and foxes. It is the smaller eastern quoll, smaller than a cat, that is endangered and probably extinct on the mainland, although there are unconfirmed sightings now and then. The last confirmed sighting was in 1963 in of all places Vaucluse when one was found dead on the side of the road. It is still doing all right in Tasmania.

Just as licenced hunting and harvesting of game species is being permitted as a new philosophy in preserving those species, so too consideration is being given to allowing people to keep native species as pets in Australia (an idea I applaud). Eastern quolls are one of the key species being considered for a pilot.

I'd like to get one.

Go hear (sorry, here) for an audio backgrounder.

This might be a good place to approach to take action.


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