24 March 2012

Sting fingers corrupt officials

In short, most Asian governments are nothing more than conspiracies of greed and criminal enterprises.

THE Australian government authorised more than $10 million in suspected drug funds to be sent offshore in an extraordinary operation which revealed top Asian politicians and police are involved in a criminal syndicate, according to an intelligence briefing.


According to the briefing, which was supplied to overseas agencies, Operation Dayu uncovered intelligence that the syndicate had infiltrated a high level of government ''in both law enforcement agencies and political circles" in Asia, including China, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Macau.

"There are a number of other countries where this is suspected but not apparent to date," the briefing says. One example involved a "high-placed triad associate" of the grandfather syndicate "attending an Interpol conference in New York". The findings highlight the extraordinary challenge facing Australian law enforcement agencies trying to combat drug importation via the nation's porous and, according to some police sources, vulnerable or corrupted border security regime. The syndicate has its origins in a "triad conglomerate" formed by formerly warring triad groups in Asia a decade ago.

All I have to say is: "Please explain".


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