22 November 2005

Thank God Katrina happened on Dubya's watch

This little pearl was lifted from the interesting small government article A Challenge for Brad DeLong (http://www.techcentralstation.com/091205A.html).

Remember all the kerfuffle about Dubya's choice of head of the emergency relief organisation FEMA when they were severely embarrassed by Hurricane Katrina? Well guess what?

In any event, as Investors' Business Daily pointed out, FEMA under President Clinton was hardly a reflection of superior public administration.

"Bill Clinton's choice to be Southwest Regional FEMA director in 1993 was even less qualified, earning his job handling disaster recovery of a different sort. Raymond 'Buddy' Young, a former Arkansas state trooper, got his choice assignment after leading efforts to discredit other state troopers in the infamous Troopergate scandal. If a storm like Katrina struck the Big Easy back then, Young would've been in charge."

Revanchism is not an excuse, but it is an important reminder.


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