06 November 2005

Vietnam on the ball over bird flu...the 8 ball

Vietnam says it will declare a national state of emergency if 10 per cent of the population, or 8 million people, become infected – an indication of the scale the problem is assuming. If it becomes a pandemic, the health system will simply not be able to [cope], the Health Ministry warns.

Source: The Root of the Matter, http://www.earlywarning.com/, 20 October 2005

Glad to see those geniuses at Ba Dinh have everything under control. Since so far they've only had to deal with 91 (admitted) cases and half of those died. So I reckon by the time 8 million people get the bird flu, it's time to pull out the really big guns and declare an official state of emergency.

- Patrick Henry


Blogger Toutie said...

That's like saying if you bomb us, we won't consider ourselves under attack and at war until you kill 10% of our population.

Blogger Patrick Henry said...

Good call, toutie.

Blogger Father Rich said...

I like your blog. Thinking of linking it.


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