06 November 2005

Good news if you live in Medellin...

The homicide rate in what used to be the murder capital of the world has fallen from 3,721 in 2002 to 1,177 in 2004 and 612 up to the beginning of October this year. For the first time in a quarter century, heart attacks are the main cause of death in Medellin, pushing murder into second place.

Source: www.earlywarning.com, 3 November 2005


Blogger Toutie said...

Heart attacks are one of the major causes of death for cocaine addicts, as befits the cocaine capital of the world. Would be interesting to see their heart attack mortality rate vis a vis other countries.

Blogger Patrick Henry said...

Thanks for that crucial tidbit, toutie.

I'm sending it in to earlywarning.com

- PH


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