01 December 2005

More Trotsky Quotes

Old age is the most unexpected of things that can happen to a man.
- Diary in Exile (1959)

Bureaucracy and social harmony are inversely proportional to each other.
- The Revolution Betrayed, p.41)

Learning carries within itself certain dangers because out of necessity one has to learn from one's enemies.
- attrib.

Life is not an easy matter... You cannot live through it without falling into frustration and cynicism unless you have before you a great idea which raises you above personal misery, above weakness, above all kinds of perfidy and baseness.
- attrib.

The historic ascent of humanity, taken as a whole, may be summarized as a succession of victories of consciousness over blind forces—in nature, in society, in man himself.
- attrib.

and perhaps best of all:

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.
- attrib.


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