30 November 2005

Are Wives Necessary?

Another great article from James Pinkerton at Tech Central Station.


Excessively Simplistic Summary:

Great article, most of which is a kind of review of a American feminist columnist Maureen Dowd's new book Are Men Necessary?. The book has been a flop, mainly, according to Pinkerton, because it's so anti-feminist.

Essentially, the thesis is that since the rise of feminism, men have become more liberated along the lines of the Hugh Hefner philosophy, while women have not fared so well.

He goes on to visit that anti-feminist feminist, the only feminist to whom I take off my hat (until I heard of Maureen Dows in this article), Camille Paglia.

However, Pinkerton concludes, the Hugh Hefner Philosophy will lead to our ultimate destruction (not through fire and brimstone, but through lack of procreation), so we need to rethink things.

(As for myself, I am one of those "on strike". I would like to procreate, but in the current cultural climate, I refuse.

Quite understandably, "[m]any of the brightest and most educated women have, in effect, gone on strike, baby-making-wise" as well. The solution is simple, allow the mass importation of Third-Worlder maids to do the housework while husband and wife have high-powered careers. Almost no First-Worlder will be put out of a job as few First-Worlders can afford a domestic servant anyway. Third-Worlders can make good money for their families back home, First-Worlders can focus on their careers without sacrificing nice meals and clean houses.)


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