25 August 2017

Superiority of Finnish police

I would need to look into it further to establish why the Finnish police are superior - or whether they are superior at all and this was, for example, this was merely a lucky shot, but...

The 2017 Turku stabbing is an example of superior police work. A young Moroccan man ran amok, stabbing about a dozen people, killing 2 and injuring 8. Three minutes later (!), police shot him in the thigh and arrested him. Police have since arrested 3 more people and issued an arrest warrant for another.

In NSW, they would have shot him dead. The reason is because, I believe, (a) a culture of cowardice; and (b) poor firearms standards.

NSW Police are essentially young people handed a weapon that they carry loaded with minimal training and supervision.

Such a person would not be and is not encouraged to aim at the thigh but at the centre of mass.

In the Finnish case, the suspect is still alive. This means he can assist police, perhaps unwillingly, perhaps unwittingly, with their investigations. It means he is not a martyr. It means he has years to reflect on what he has done and perhaps repent, which is not only humane, but serves the cause of the Enlightenment, including against obscurantist ideologies such as Islam.

While killing is sometimes inevitable, either because of the danger of the situation or because of the inherent difficulties that are necessarily a part of exercising violence, we win when we don't shoot to kill.


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