31 July 2017

The Ahmad Numan Haider case

My preliminary impressions of the case of Melbourne teen Ahmad Numan Haider, who at a meeting with police attacked them with a knife. Taken from a New Daily report.
Numan Haider, 18, died instantly when shot in the head on September 23, 2014 after stabbing two counter-terrorism officers who arranged to meet him outside Endeavour Hills police station.
Shot in the head is interesting. Why not the centre of mass? Was it a fluke or was the police officer sufficiently sure of his shooting skill? Perhaps if Haider was crouched over the other officer stabbing him, then his head was the target furthest from that officer?
On September 23, 2014, the Joint Counter-Terrorism Team searched the family home at Narre Warren, but Haider was not home. 
He later spoke to his mother and seemed agitated by news of the search. Police decided to engage in a “soft, non-confrontational approach” and arranged to meet him at the police station.
A soft, non-confrontational approach? You've just searched his home! Probably sliced up his mother's favourite cushion. How about a friendly meeting first, and then a house search?

And here we go...
Victorian Police, the AFP and state government each noted the coronial findings. 
...all agencies indicated a more collaborative approach when dealing with suspects.
The Coronial report can be found here


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