31 December 2005

Saving Independent Media cont.

Patrick Henry

The idea of the Australian public buying up Fairfax to prevent a takeover by a big media corporate is a great idea. There is just one fundamental flaw. In order for it to work, a lot of people would need to agree that it was a good idea. If a lot of people agreed that it was a good idea, then it wouldn't work, because the institutions that own Fairfax now would price gouge the takeover offer. Perhaps a more workable idea is to convince a whole lot of small Davids, who ALREADY own Fairfax, to band together under one common structure - eg. to develop a "trust".

Doctor Thomas
8 December 2005


Doctor Thomas

Thanks for turning your mind to the practical problems of overcoming the minor drawbacks of my cunning plan. It certainly needs work.

I think an Association of Fairfax Owners is an excellent idea.

In other news, Kerry Packer has just died. We are safe(r) for the moment.

Patrick Henry


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