27 December 2005

Health Secretary Postpones Receiving Mark of Beast


Monday, December 12, 2005 - FreeMarketNews.com

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services and four-term governor of Wisconsin Tommy Thompson said a few months ago that he would be "chipped." But now he says he has no time.

In July, during a CNBC interview, he declared that he would allow the VeriChip Corporation, of which he is a board-member, to implant him with one of the RFID devices they manufacture.

However, according to an article on SpyChips.com, Thompson has not done so as yet, and has no plans to undergo the procedure in the near future.

The story notes that Thompson has suggested that Americans have inject the microchips into them, to link to their electronic medical records. "It's very beneficial and it's going to be extremely helpful and it's a giant step forward to getting what we call an electronic medical record for all Americans," he reportedly told CBS MarketWatch in July, and when a CNBC correspondent in another July interview asked if he would take a chip himself, Thompson allegedly replied, "Absolutely, without a doubt."

However, further follow-up has revealed that such chipping has never taken place. VeriChip spokesman John Procter is quoted as saying Thompson has been "too busy" to undergo the chipping procedure, and that "I wouldn't put any type of time line on it."

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