25 October 2005

The Bird Flu and You

According to a Special Report by the brilliant Stratfor (www.stratfor.com for the only news source you need), the Chicken Flu panic is overblown.

Even in the unlikely event that the Chicken Flu turns out to be as bad as the 1918 Flu Pandemic (which massively important event I discovered serendipitously about 5 years ago - why did it never rate a mention at school?), it won't hit us nearly as hard as it did back then.

This is mainly due to improved diet and general health, and to better medicine for treating secondary infections (which apparently killed half the flu victims, rather like AIDS patients don't die directly of AIDS).

So, be alert but not alarmed is the message.


Blogger Randy Bentwick said...

Amen to that! All this panic stations nonsense over the 'possibility' of it mutating into a human-to-human virus.
The people I talk to think that thousands are dying from it daily!
Absolutely we should take the threat seriously, but we have to stay level headed about it.
Great post.


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