09 October 2005

Credit Cards

I had the painful but instructive experience of looking through old credit card statements the other day.

All those $50+ dinners that seemed so important at the time - where are they now?

I encourage anyone with a credit card to pay it off pronto and then cut the bastard up! That's right, cut it up! I did it at the bank in front of the staff!

It was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. It felt liberating and it was.

Sonny, if you haven't got the cash, you can't afford it.

I know, I know. You want to buy something over the net... You want to buy an expensive dinner for someone... Your friendly neighbourhood government won't let you buy a SIM card without one...

Get a debit card. Use bPay. Just get rid of the freakin' credit card!

I'm promising you, there will be months when you're so busy you can't get to the bank. When you finally do get there the queue's so long you don't get served before you have to go back to the office. The [insert name] website won't be working properly. So you ring [insert name] and wait half an hour on hold before you give up. You will pay that $20 late fee, you will pay that outrageous interest bill that sneaked up on you, and you will shout the entire bar when you've had a few.

Don't fool yourself. If you're thinking of getting one: think twice, then forget it. If you're an unlucky bastard who's already got one: pay it off and cut it up.

A fool and his money are soon parted.


Blogger Randy Bentwick said...

I hear you! This is exactly what I have done - gone the debit card option. I just got sick to death of paying the farken fees!
Such wisdom...


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