10 December 2014

China's rage

"Translators like us have the responsibility to let the world know that China has the richest tradition of virtue..."

- Sidney Shapiro, American-born supporter of the Chinese Communist Party, Chinese citizen, translator

Source: Reuters

Really? The richest tradition of virtue? Wow.

Looking then at who actually behaves virtuously (looking only at the international sphere and judging only by the standards of states) we have the example of Japan: "a model international citizen for nearly seven decades", according to Christopher Pokarier. Not that a citation was needed.

It makes perfect sense for two virtuous entities to engage in mutual protection - China, with its richest tradition of virtue must know this from the philosopher Mengzi (Mencius). So why the outburst of narcissistic rage when some third party such as Australia sues for the friendship of - or engages in 'talks on defence matters' with - a virtuous player like Japan?


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