04 September 2011

Australia's frozen Antarctic policy

I am glad someone has brought this up.

A video of a conference on Australia's criminal neglect of its Antarctic claim.

Watch the first part at least. The second half is a little long and the legal stuff can be a little obscure for the layman - but you need to see the part towards the end on Communist Chinese (who else?) shenanigans on our claim.

A few more ideas:

* A glamorised, televised annual coast-to-pole race. Foot, dogsled, skidoo, 4WD divisions? Qualification limitations for entrants? (Australian citizens only? Citizens of countries recognising Australia's claim? Citizens of democracies?)

* A ski resort/school/AIS facility with a view to making the transport infrastructure commercial (tourism was touched on). (I recall seeing an excellent argument being made for the importance of making space flight commercial.)

* A spy satellite (this point was hinted at).

* I support the idea of a more aggressive inspection regime, especially of foreign bases on Australia's claim.

* I like the idea of moving the AAD into the AG's Department. Perhaps hiving off its non-transport, non-security functions?

For more, here's an entry at The Interpreter and here's an response.



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