01 July 2011

Evil Sinofascists busted...

The Sinofascists have been busted being evil Sinofascists.

Not that anyone was for a minute taken in by their "fake smile", but for some reason it is important that documents in which the evil Sinofascists talked about how they were going to be evil were leaked to the free, Western press.

The Evil Sinofascists take this seriously. "For the Communist Party, information control is a matter of regime survival. Free information and free press will lead to a ”national collapse”, an article in the party’s own journal, Search for the Truth, stated last year."


”In particular, crackdowns must be imposed on any aggression directed against the party and its leaders as well as against the promotion of other political systems and a free press.”

...the official document outlines several instances of how the Chinese authorities should prevent people from getting in touch with ”politically sensitive information”. Such information must be either ”blocked”, ”destroyed” or ”cleansed” from the Internet, media and books...

”all illegal and harmful information on Chinese and foreign web sites should be completely blocked.” And that people who disseminate such information should be ”indicted and prosecuted quickly before a judge and be quickly convicted.”

"...Beijing’s perceived threat from the West to the party’s power should be resisted, among other things by tightening the reigns on foreign journalists and NGO’s and by exerting ”greater control over the access of Western cultural products to the Chinese market.” This should be combined with a strengthened propaganda effort against the Chinese population, making it less susceptible to ”dangerous information from the outside” and promoting ”a better understanding of the Communist Party’s strength”.


The contents of the document points to a Chinese leadership plagued by a growing siege mentality. Beijing sees itself as being under attack by the West and forced into a propaganda struggle against internal and external enemies. In this frame of reference, nothing less than the Communist Party’s hold on power is at stake.

And look at the implications of this piece of 'self-criticism':

”China must compete with the U.S. on friendship with the rest of the world’s nations. If our number of friends shall be smaller than America’s, we will never be in a position to offer a better international leadership than they do,” he says. ”Many people express a dislike of America’s hegemonic leadership, but they also tend to think that China would be the worse alternative. China must show that we can do better. And this can not only be done through propaganda efforts. We must also find practical ways to manifest our human authority.”


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