17 August 2010

Senate election

OK, I'm looking at my voting options.

Here are some interesting choices.

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

One for Edwardo. A little too blinkered for me, but I'll still give them a fairly up-there vote.

Senator On-Line

Brilliant idea. Subscribers vote on issues and the senators then vote (one hopes) as their subscribers voted for them to vote, if you get what I mean.

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

LaRouchean wackos, but they might provide some entertainment. I know they're wackos because I looked into LaRouche a few years ago: Fascinating but wacky.

Secular Party of Australia

Skeptics Society etc. types.

Shooters and Fishers

Still have a wingnut flavour, but I think this is because of their general ingrained defensiveness more than anything. Shooting circles are basically dominated by pragmatists or even sincere idealists who are big on 'green hunting' (my term) - i.e. an emphasis on hunting feral species plus the sustainable hunting of native species.

Australian Sex Party

My favourite. Not much more to say, really.


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