30 August 2010


I have Kindle for PC downloaded on my PC.

What some others have said about backlighting is right: for the first time in my life, my eyes are really feeling the effect of looking at a computer screen. I can only look at a computer screen a few hours a day now, and it's really cramping my style. So the idea that you can have a Kindle-style un-backlit screen is very appealing, so much so that I'm thinking of actually buying a Kindle.

Also, I like downloading the free sample before buying the book.

The instant access to a book is great - especially when you're writing an essay that's due in a few days and you find the motherlode on Amazon - you can download it instantly instead of waiting 6 weeks for it to arrive.

The savings are pleasing too, but not crucial.

What I absolutely hate about Kindle is this:

1. Any scrolling you try to do means jumping to the next page.

2. Worst of all, especially for writers of uni assignments - you have no idea what page you're on! There are no page numbers! Totally defeats the purpose of getting a book. I am so furious about this I want to strangle Jeff Bezos. How much of a no-brainer is that? So simple and obvious yet they can't get it right. This is a reason NOT to go Kindle.

3. Annoyingly, you can't cut-and-paste, meaning you have to manually retype any quotes you want to put into your essay.


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