16 March 2008

How to Become a SuperStar Student

When a high school student has trouble learning a subject like math or history, the problem may lie not in the teacher’s ability or the student’s I.Q.

Instead, it is often simply because the student has never been taught how to learn.

From the high school in the little town of Worland, Wyoming, comes a steady stream of honor students. They win scholarships. Get into top universities. Even have their writings published while still in high school.

Why—are they smarter than other kids? No. They have been shown how to become SuperStar Students by a widely acclaimed SuperStar teacher, Tim McGee.

Dr. McGee has found that many bright kids have trouble retaining what they read and get tangled up when trying to do writing assignments. So he teaches two simple yet powerful techniques that will give students an edge not only in high school but in college and adulthood.

What do his Worland honor students have in common? A whole set of basic learning skills which most high school students are never taught:

- Developing an attitude toward learning that yields results
- Keeping a learning journal and developing study habits that pay off
- Using annotation to change ordinary reading to active reading
- Learning how to take and use notes to prepare for exams
- Using the secrets of "jam" writing and informal writing
- Discovering how to draft and edit the formal essay.
- Dr. McGee is an impressive speaker who has changed the lives of his students with his powerful message about what it takes to be a great student—and how to do it once you’ve made the decision to excel.



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