23 February 2008

China Sells Arms to Sudan

This post examines the Sudanese army's latest capabilities and strategies for countering them.


These are some pretty serious pieces of hardware. How does one counter them?

Without any military training, below is my response.

Recently acquired equipment:

new-generation Chinese T96 main battle tanks
upgraded T59D main battle tanks
T92 wheeled infantry fighting vehicles fitted with Russian 2A72 30-mm cannon guns.

1. Tank traps (dragon's teeth, ditches) in the outer perimter around one's position.
2. IEDs/mines
3. RPGs up the butt. Preferably 3 at a time.
4. Bunkers: at least standard infantry trenches, if not serious bunkers.
5. Commando teams.
6. Strategy: Try to deal with one vehicle at a time. Use the Swiss cheese method: Nibble a little bit at a time. Be proactive: Try to prevent them from even reaching the front through commando raids. We are most vulnerable to a massed attack.

Russian 2A72 30-mm cannon guns
(Note: As far as I can work out, this gun is basically an industrial machine gun that fires explosive and/or armour-piercing shells. Very nasty.)
1. Snipers. Marksmen.
2. Commando teams.

In recent years, China has largely reinforced military cooperation with African countries through the strategy of trading oil for weapons ... In 2005 Sudan exported to China 6.62 million tons of crude oil, about 5.2 percent of China's total oil imports that year. China has a 40-percent stake in Sudan's largest international oil consortium.

1. Destroy oil infrastructure.

Other Chinese weapons currently in service in the Sudanese forces include:
Type 54 122-mm howitzers
Type 59-I 130-mm cannons
Type 81 122-mm rocket guns
mortars of different calibers

1. Trenches/bunkers
2. Snipers. Commando teams.

Type 59 57-mm air-defense guns

1. Not relevant. We can't be bothered with an airforce.

eight J-6 fighters
a number (at least 6) of J-7M fighters.
Sudan has also expressed interest in purchasing 12 Chinese FC1 fighters
three(?) MiG-29s

1. Trenches/bunkers.
2. Stingers.
3. SAMs (if we have sufficient funding).
4. Commando teams.

two Y8 transport aircraft are also in service.
K8 trainers

1. Heavy machine guns.
2. RPGs.
3. Stingers.
4. Commando teams.


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