05 October 2007

Refugees International


**** - Keep pestering them for a job.

Refugees International develops policy and advocacy positions based on our on-the-ground knowledge of key humanitarian emergencies. Our advocates spend weeks in the field to reach populations that are most in need and determine immediate, practical ways to address the humanitarian emergencies they face. By interviewing displaced people, non-governmental organizations and aid agencies, we acquire the most up-to-date information available and identify immediate solutions.

Upon completion of every mission, Refugees International’s advocates write up their recommendations in brief policy bulletins. These recommendations urge powerful governmental and international institutions to respond more effectively to the needs of refugees and internally displaced persons.

We have found that the right recommendation, based on our on-the-ground assessments, to the right person at the right time can generate millions of dollars in lifesaving assistance. This is why Refugees International is a powerful voice for lifesaving action.


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