12 April 2007

Prison Survival Guide

Awesome page.

From my limited experience I can assure you that what he says is good advice.

Good advice for life, too, as much as it is for prison.


(Thanks to Blackie for the tip.)


Blogger Toutie said...

Thanks for this.

I agree with the immediate action against rapists but think that murder would be a bad idea as it would add years to your sentence.

Some great advice for life there - goal setting, time utilisation, etc

Blogger Patrick Henry said...

You could argue provocation.

It is a dilemma - it's like the dilemma of whether or not to try to escape.

I guess you weigh up your chances and try to minimise the risks.

Also, the remainder of your sentence may be even more hellish if you don't respond - you have to weigh up the quality v the quantity.

I think that's why you have advice like this from people who've been there, or why you have philosophy and emergency planning in general: to pre-decide these things so you know what to do in difficult situations.


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