23 January 2007

Australia's Nuclear Industry

I think Australia should not export uranium.

Instead, Australia should be exporting a nuclear industry.

Australia has not faced up the the uranium question, and as a result of doing nothing has ended up exporting uranium in a grossly irresponsible way.

Australia could export uranium to evil countries such as China (more accurately: countries with evil governments) in a safe, responsible way if it did it like the following:

Build and run nuclear power stations in foreign countries.

Ship fuel rods to the reactors, ship spent fuel rods back to Australia, store the spent fuel in bunkers in mountains in central Australia.

We should be focussing on high-value aspects: Running the entire industry worldwide.

We will also be keeping control of the uranium. According to Tim Flannery, in future, we will be able to extract more energy from spent fuel rods [citation needed].

For an interesting related discussion, see: www.abc.com/rn/nationalinterest and click on "Climate Change".


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