05 October 2005

Army rejects former drug users

It is not yet official, but the Australian Army is about to reject my appeal against my rejection on the grounds of prior drug use.

Drugs not being the ones they give you at the hospital.

While I don't know if the policy is unjustified in general, or justified in general but not in my case, (or, to be fair, justified in my case), I feel that it is short-sighted.

For starters, it appears that acording to ABS statistics, 40% of the population are excluded by this policy.

Let's make a bet: in the event of war, the Armed Forces will suddenly change their policy.

Let's make a second bet: In the event of war I will receive in the mail either a conscription notice, a letter from the Army suggesting that it is my patriotic duty to volunteer, or a white feather.


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